Teton Park Road

Grand Teton National Park is dwarfed by it’s cousin to the north, Yellowstone National Park. However, it is still astonishing in its own right, and more so than Yellowstone, it lends itself very well to being explored by car. While you can’t drive up the mountains themselves, there are some beautiful roads stretching the length of the park that are simply sublime.

I came into the park from the North, heading down the John D Rockefeller Parkway, another stunning road that connects Grand Teton to Yellowstone ten miles north.

The most spectacular road is Teton Park Road, splitting off from Highway 191 and rejoining in the south of the park. The road slithers along the shores of Jackson Hole Lake, feeding the famous Snake River. As you drive further south, the road climbs closer to the mountains, and you feel as if you are floating through them. There are some simply spectacular views that you won’t find elsewhere in the States.


Journal: Trip #1 – Being a Passenger

Passionate as I am about driving and roads, usually I’m the designated driver of the roadtrip. Especially when we take my car, which is manual in an increasingly automatic world. However, there are some perks to being a passenger like I am on this trip, especially when jet-lagged. Sleep is a much safer possibility when you’re not behind the wheel. 

Please follow the road

– an amusing direction from the Porsche Navigation System